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Sunday, September 6, 2015

88) Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong

The Blurb :


Olivia Jones is desperate for the truth. The daughter of convicted serial killers, she has begun to suspect that her parents are innocent of their crimes. But who can she trust, in a world where betrayal and deception hide in every shadow?


Liv does have one secret weapon: a mysterious sixth sense that helps her to anticipate danger. The trouble is, this rare power comes with its own risks. There are dark forces that want to exploit Liv's talents - and will stop at nothing to win her to their side.


Now Liv must decide, before it's too late. Who does she love? Who is really on her side? And can she save herself without burning down everything that matters most?

My Thoughts :

I really loved the first book in this series.  It felt like Kelley and was so unique and mysterious. Book two was interesting, still captivating despite making some strange twists and turns.  However this third book felt different and slightly disappointing.

Deceptions could have done with a 'previously in Cainsville' prologue.  If there is only one book per year there should be some helpful introduction to remind the reader what happened.  The series was good and I love Kelley's work but a lot has happened since the last book and I needed some reminders.  As things progressed I did start to remember little pieces but I think this is a series that would be best read with as little time between books as possible.

What really stood out in Deceptions was the love triangle.  It was hinted at in books one and two but took over this third book completely.  By the end I was confused and annoyed at Olivia for going the route she did and wondering why she didn't pick the other guy.  On the other hand I was also happy she picked him and didn't go for the other.  There was so many conflicting emotions for the whole triangle and it really did take over the whole story.

The actual plot seemed to drown under the Gabriel and Ricky business.  While it fit into the fantasy angle of the books it took the spotlight away from the elements I enjoyed so much in the previous books.  Cainsville itself was only visited for brief scenes and I missed the location that was built up so much in the previous books.

It is really hard for me to actually say I hated this book because I didn't.  I did have trouble reading it as fast as I usually would of and I had a hard time finishing it.  The ending seemed rushed and not complete and this also left me confused.  I read these books always thinking they were a trilogy and this was the last book.  However it turns out that there are at least two more books to come.

All in all this is a Kelley Armstrong book and she is always a pre-order and must read author for me.  So i will definitely be reading the next installment even if it is only to see where she is going to take this next.  While Deceptions seemed to bring everything to an end there must be something I missed.

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