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Monday, May 16, 2016

36) Gone With The Witch by Heather Blake

The Blurb :

Darcy and her dog Missy are determined to put their best foot forward at the Enchanted Village’s annual Pawsitively Enchanted pet contest. She’s happy to lend a hand when the show’s organizer hires Darcy to keep an eye on things among growing suspicions that someone is sabotaging the event. But Darcy’s quest for justice is thrown off the scent when her lead suspect is found dead at the competition.

As if a murder weren’t bad enough, someone begins snatching up prize-winning pets right from under their owners’ noses. Darcy is determined to protect the pampered participants at whatever cost. But she’ll have to work fast to sniff out the thief before she becomes the next victim of a killer determined to stop her dead in her tracks...

My Thoughts :

I have been throughly enjoying this series since it started and this sixth installment was just as good as all the previous ones.  With some very interesting twists and turns, all fans of this series will be excited about the surprises this new release in the series holds.  I have known for a while who the Elder is, and maybe you have too, but this book sees the reveal being made and there are some other interesting developments too.

Now I won't go into the plot or spoil any of the surprises.  I will just say that this one is well worth reading if you have been enjoying the series.  The character development continues and the magical aspect widens.  The story flows and the mystery is interesting.  I found that I couldn't put this book down for long and finished it in record time and it was finally one of those books that really enjoyed and couldn't be distracted from.

Anyone who likes cozy mysteries and enjoys a paranormal twist will love this series.  Start from the beginning to follow the on-going story and magic.  If you just like cozies then still give this one a try.  Heather Blake writes intriguing mysteries and the magic isn't too over the top.  Actually this Wishcrafter installment was lacking in wishes but that doesn't mean there was enough spells going on.

Can't wait for the next installment and any other cozies this author releases.  She has a lovely style and great characters.  One of my favourites.

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