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Saturday, June 18, 2016

47) Tea Cups and Carnage by Lynn Cahoon

The Blurb :

The quaint coastal town of South Cove, California, is all abuzz about the opening of a new specialty shop, Tea Hee. But as Coffee, Books, and More owner Jill Gardner is about to find out, there’s nothing cozy about murder . . .

Shop owner Kathi Corbin says she came to South Cove to get away from her estranged family. But is she telling the truth? And did a sinister someone from her past follow her to South Cove? When a woman claiming to be Kathi’s sister starts making waves and a dead body is found in a local motel, Jill must step in to clear Kathi’s name—without getting herself in hot water.

My Thoughts :

The Tourist Trap Mysteries have been a favourite of mine since I came across the first one a couple of years ago.  It is one of those series that doesn't leave you waiting around for a year until a new installment comes along and has a lovely variety of characters that you look forward to visiting again.
Tea Cups and Carnage is the seventh book in the series and although the murder mystery in this book is a little weak and distant, it was still interesting enough to keep me reading.  However there could be no murder mystery and I would of still kept reading because I just love the location, people and general feel of everything else in the series.

The series is well written and interesting but the mystery solving is getting a little too distant.  I understand that Jill is supposed to stay out of things, which she actually does pretty well, but I wouldn't mind her getting a little bit more involved or even see her relationship gather some speed.  All the characters are nice and all play their parts well.  It is always fun to see where the story is taking them too.

I am really enjoying this series and can't wait to see what happens next.  Things are constantly evolving in the town of South Cove and I look forward to every visit.  The lack of waiting is definitely a positive factor for this series and always keeps the people and previous stories fresh in my mind.  I can always jump straight into a Tourist Trap Mystery without feeling lost or confused.  No need to try and remember anything.  It is all there because the last installment wasn't that long ago.

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