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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

53) Decaffeinated Corpse by Cleo Coyle

The Blurb :

When an old friend of her ex-husband develops the world's first botanically decaffeinated coffee bean and smuggles it into the country, Clare Cosi, manager of Village Blend, believes it's a business opportunity she needs to investigate...at least until the first dead body shows up.

My Thoughts :

Sorry for the radio silence here but it is Summer and I have been away enjoying a little time off.  Hopefully things will get back to normal now that I am home again.

I actually finished listening to this fifth book in the Coffeehouse Mysteries about a week ago but didn't get around to posting about it before my little trip.  I have to admit it is now, a week later, hard to remember exactly what happened in the story but I do remember how annoying this series is.

Clare is so aggravating!  Her know it all attitude, the way she treats her daughter, the constant coffee snobbishness and her bad detective skills all make me want to smack her.  However there is something about this series that keeps me going back for more.  It obviously appeals to many readers because there are sixteen books in the series and it doesn't seem to be over.

The plot this time around was very weak, confusing and also quite boring.  I had no idea what was going on most of the time but I still managed to finish this one and wonder why I had bothered. Though I am sure at some point in the near future you will see a review here for the sixth book because there is something that makes me want to come back for more.  Maybe I am hoping Clare changes?  Maybe that her daughter disowns her?   To see how things go with her detective? or maybe I am just hopeful for a nice big 'fall'.

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