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Monday, June 1, 2009

115) The Vampire's Quest by Vivi Anna

Kellen Falcon has escaped the Otherworld Crime Unit to try and find a cure to the rare blood disease he has. Vampires are usually immune to illness but this will kill Kellen soon if he doesn't find a way to stop it. Waiting at the doctors in Nouveau Monde, Kellen senses something is wrong. Only moments later he is thrown into an investigation that has more to do with him than he could ever imagine.

Sophie St. Clair is a Lycan and Kellen finds her gorgeous from the moment he sets eyes on her. She is not at all interested and just wants to get her job done. Forced to work with Kellen, Sophie makes it perfectly clear that she wants nothing else to do with him. He is after all a vampire and her pack requires her to carry on the line by producing cute little babies. However it isn't long before Sophie caves and finds herself falling for the sexy vampire. Hopefully she won't lose him before she can tell him exactly how she feels about him.

I have enjoyed all of the Valorian Chronicles so far but I liked this one alot. Lots of action and enough romance, this had a great balance of drama, mystery and heat. I really liked the main characters and even though I thought there could have been more 'CSI' there was a great plot which kept me interested all the way though.

If you like a little heat with your paranormal and also like mystery and forensics this is a series that shouldn't be missed. I can't wait for more.

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