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Monday, June 1, 2009

116) Midnight Sins by Cynthia Eden

The gorgeous nightclub singer Cara Mason isn't just performing to make money. She is a succubus who has sworn off sex and therefore needs to get her kicks some other place. Singing to a large enough audience gets her what she needs and stops her from taking the power she needs from men. So when a killer starts leaving bodies in hotel rooms with the life literally drained out of them it is doesn't take long for the police, with a little help, to end up on her doorstep asking her questions.

Detective Todd Brooks knows there is something else out there than ordinary humans but until someone really comes out and finally gives him the details he is trying not to push the fact. Then he has Cara Mason in front of him and he is smitten. Does she have some kind of power over him?

Cara knows that getting involved with someone on the police force could be a mistake but she really can't get Todd out of her head or her dreams. Will Todd still be interested when he finds out what she really is? Will they ever find the murderer or will she be a suspect forever? Mystery and desire pull Cara and Todd together and if they come out of the investigation alive they could even have a future with each other.

I absolutely adore Cynthia Eden's books. With so much suspense, action and heat there is nothing I can find wrong with these books so far. Always an interesting plot with friendly characters it is a joy to snuggle up with 'Others'. Wonderfully written and sometimes a little too hot to handle the Midnight series is one I seriously regret not reading sooner.

I loved how this book also visited the characters from Hotter After Midnight and I look forward to the new book Midnight's Master which is due out in July. These books are delicious and I can't wait to devour the next one.

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