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Monday, June 1, 2009

117) Unusual Suspects: Stories of Mystery & Fantasy by Charlaine Harris & Others

Unusual Suspects is a compilation of twelve stories featuring otherworldly investigations. From video game characters looking for equal rights to Santa Claus on holiday in New Zealand there is a little of something for everyone. With a visit to the Nightside included and a trip to Bon Temps, Sookie's hometown, there are some well known characters to check in on as well as some new ones.

Of course as it always goes with anthologies there will always be good and bad stories included. And as always, it depends on each reader as to which the good and bad stories are. For me the highlight and reason for me buying this book was the Sookie Stackhouse story. Not exactly the best short story but still worth getting hold of the book. Any Sookie story is worth reading and this one was no exception.

Only a couple of other stories stood out for me in this collection and I have to say I could have ignored the other stories altogether because they didn't really leave much of an impression. The House of Seven Spirits by Sharon Shinn was a brilliant well thought out tale that had me hooked straight away. I will definitely be looking at what else this author has on offer. This was my favourite story in the book.

The 'Duh Vice' by Michael Armstrong was quite inventive and if this was to become a series of full length novels I would be interested in reading them. 'The House' by Lauris R. King was a little spooky but well written. Another author I may have to check out when I have the chance. But last and not least my other favourite short story was that of the Nightside. Simon R. Green has had me hooked to the Nightside for a while and this tale was very cool. A lovely twist at the end and the usual style of writing that I have known to love.

All in all a great mix of writers and styles. Not all of them tickled my taste buds but the ones I mentioned above certainly did leave me sated. However this is a book that is better borrowed from the library or picked up in a sale. Compilations are always a gamble and it is better to be safe than sorry.


Vickie said...

That is the 'curse' of the anthology. A mixture of strong and weak, but the possible discovery of a very cool author. I have heard good things about Shinn's story and I always adore a Sookie story, so I will look for this on the sale rack or when I have a coupon.
Thanks for the review.

Unknown said...

Hey Amberkatz!

Rachel Vincent needs you to claim your prize of Prey! Just thought I'd let you know.


Dottie :)

I also can't wait to try this anthology -- I've become the anthology queen! :}

Enchanted by Books said...

Amber! Go claim your prize before you lose it woman! http://urbanfantasy.blogspot.com/2009/06/winners-and-big-one.html

Rachel Vincent said...

I'm not sure if you saw, but you won a prize on my blog... ;-)

Unknown said...

I just sent an email!

Thank you for letting me know!!! I would have hated myself for a long long time if I had missed out on Prey!

I really need to make a list of the contests I enter so I know when to check back...

Enchanted by Books said...

I need to do that too Amber! I'm glad you claimed it! :)