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Thursday, July 9, 2009

136) Murder Unleashed by Elaine Viets

Helen Hawthorne is still on the run and still working in low paying jobs. This time Helen is working in Pampered Pets, one of the better jobs she has had so far. However one thing that always happens when Helen starts working somewhere is that someone gets murdered and this job is no exception.

One of the customers is killed and all the main suspect is, in Helen's eyes, the husband. However the police have other ideas and even Helen gets a visit or two from the the local detectives which makes her very nervous. Although the things she should be worried about, such as the hurricane threat and her boyfriend, seem to be forgotten while she gets mixed up with the murder investigation.

The fifth Dead-End Job mystery was another enjoyable read. This cozy mystery series is really one of my favourites and I love Helen. She is fun, nosey and may even be a little stupid sometimes but she has her heart in the right place and is just trying to survive like everyone else.

I am looking forward to reading book six sometime soon and hope there are more books in the series after that.

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