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Thursday, July 9, 2009

137) A Rose from the Dead by Kate Collins

Abby Knight is attending the Midwestern Funeral Directors Associations regional convention in the hope that she will get some business for her flower shop, Bloomers. The people at the convention turn out to be very nice and friendly bar a couple of youngsters. So when the chairperson is found dead it isn't really too much of a surprise for alot of the attendees. She wasn't well liked and even Abby, who had only just met her, didn't really think much of the woman.

All that said it doesn't mean that Abby won't get involved. She has a keen eye for details and when her friend is thought to be the main suspect she can't help but have a look around. Many try and tell her to stay out of it but trouble always seems to find Abby and this time it has followed her to a place where the dead should feel right at home.

Five books into the series and I was looking forward to teaming up with Abby again in this sixth book. However I have to say that even though I love this cozy mystery series alot, this was not the best of the bunch so far. It could have been the setting or the plot but this one didn't really have me on the edge of my seat. I did enjoy catching up with Abby but otherwise I wouldn't have missed this part in the series.

I am however looking forward to book six. Every series has to have one book that doesn't match up to expectations and therefore things can only get better next time!

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