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Saturday, July 11, 2009

139) In My Sister's Shoes by Sinead Moriarty

Kate O'Brien is thirty and has been trying to make it in London's media-land for quite a few years. Finally she has reached D-List status and has her own TV show but then things go wrong. Fiona, Kate's responsible older sister, happily married with twin boys and a dog, has a life changing problem to deal with. This problem means Kate has to go back to Ireland asap and step into her Sister's Shoes for a few months.

Never a domestic goddess, Kate finds her new responsibilities extremely challenging. Arguing with her brother-in-law and trying to have a life while looking after two young boys is not what she expected to be doing for six months but she keeps herself sane with the hope of getting back on to TV by the end of the year. Although things are never that easy in real life and Kate finds everything out the hard way. Especially when her ex-boyfriend comes back into her chaotic life and wants to give things another go.

I used to read alot of chick-lit and now I just keep up with a couple of authors that I really enjoyed. Sinead Moriarty is one of those authors and it was a refreshing change to read about Kate and her life. I thoroughly enjoyed this story even if it was a little sad at times. The fun and real life way the tale was told kept this interesting and delightful. This author stays on my must read list.

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