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Sunday, July 19, 2009

145) Speak of the Devil by Jenna Black

Morgan Kingsley is America's most powerful and successful exorcists. However when one exorcist goes wrong Morgan finds herself suspended from her job and being sued. Not only does Morgan have to defend herself against a law suit but she also has a private investigator digging up dirt on her. Eating cornflakes and noodles is getting boring but things are about to get busy for Morgan.

See Morgan is an exorcist but she is also hosting the king of the demons. It is hard enough to deal with Lugh and his problems without becoming the target of a mysterious enemy with a deadly grudge. With anonymous death threats piling up and her enemy closing in, Morgan stands to lose everything she holds dear. Her reputation, her boyfriend, her freedom and maybe even her life.

Morgan Kingsley's adventures continue in her fourth book 'Speak of the Devil'. Dark, sexy and full of action this is a paranormal urban fantasy genre readers dream. With the kick-ass exorcist heroine Morgan and the demons around her these books are totally original and unique. There is no other series out there that comes even close to being as good as these are.

Hooked from the first page I was taken in yet again by the whole push me pull me relationship between Morgan and Lugh. Add to that the relationship Morgan has with her boyfriend and her demon 'friends' I couldn't wait to see what kind of mess she would get herself into this time and hopefully get herself out of again. Morgan is a feisty character who has been developing into a character who has her faults but is still likable and realistic.

I can't wait for book number five due out next year. 'The Devil's Playground' is hopefully not the last book in the series but only the next stepping stone to continue what Jenna Black has started, a bloody amazing series!

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Donna said...

I haven't read anything yet by Jenna Black. I've seen a lot talked about on her books, so I need remedy that. Thanks!