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Sunday, July 26, 2009

147) All Acts of Pleasure by M.R.Sellars

Rowan Gant’s wife, Felicity O’Brien is arrested and charged with a string of brutal murders and it looks like she will be spending the whole weekend in jail and there is nothing he can do to help her. Rowan is left confused, angry and alone but will do anything in his power to help his wife prove her innocence. Just how far he will go is yet to be seen.

Due to a number of strange events leading up to her arrest, even Felicity is unsure of her own innocence, let alone her sanity. Rowan’s faith in her, however, remains unshaken, and he will stop at nothing to find the real killer. The only problem is, the woman he is looking for looks exactly like Felicity.

All Acts of Pleasure is the seventh book in the Rowan Gant Investigations but book two in the Miranda Trilogy, a story arc that found its way into the series. While the usual characters are present in this story there is little in the way of crime and magic in this story. Therefore the plot revolves mostly around the relationship between all the main characters due to the mysterious Miranda.

Miranda makes herself known a few times in this book and we also get a better look at who Miranda really could be. The reader also sees what really happens when a close friend or family member ends up getting arrested for something that nobody she believes she has done, despite the evidence. Tension runs high for all concerned and there are a few punches pulled.

The cliffhanger ending has me itching to order the next book 'The End of Desire'. Not only do I want to know who Miranda really is and how she has been getting away with murder but also how Felicity and Rowan manage to get through all they have been through since Miranda appeared.

Well written and totally addictive this series is turning into one of my favourites. If only the books were easier for me to get a hold of. I am sure I would have read them all a long time ago.

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