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Sunday, July 26, 2009

148) Afterlife by Guy Smith

The Blurb -

After death, one soon discovers that every theologian was right. The afterlife offers too many inconvenient options including the chance at reincarnation, a boring existence as a ghost, the ultimate demise of oblivion or a short walk into the great unknown on the other side of The Light.

AFTERLIFE is a humorous yet tragic tale that forces everyone rethink their postmortem prejudices. If you think life is frustrating, try death.

My Review -

This novella about the afterlife seemed at first to be a little on the depressing side. However once the whole 'death' thing was over and done with things got interesting.

The Afterlife is a subject people can argue about forever and certain people have their own certain views on how the afterlife works. In this short story Guy Smith has give us yet another fresh alternative look on the afterlife and given it a little humour and alot of ghosts.

The little twists and turns in the story kept me reading and finding out how things really 'end' also make me want to read to the last word. There is something for everyone in Afterlife and it made for a nice quick read. In a whole it left me hoping that if there is an Afterlife, hopefully it will be a little like the one in this story.

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