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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Winners, Winners and more Winners!

Sunday is the day of winners here on Amberkatze's Book Blog and even though some of the contests ended yesterday and the day before I decided to post all the winners in one post today. So keep reading and see if you are a winner!

First the winner of the Monthly Giveaway for June! The winner will get a copy of Street Magic by Caitlin Kittredge. All you had to do to enter is sign up for the Amberkatze Book Blog Newsletter and activate it. Not too hard! So who won?

Congrats to the person with the email address beginning with -


Details on how to claim your prize are below!!! If you didn't win in June keep an eye out each month to see if you have won! Once you are signed up to the newsletter you are automatically entered into the monthly giveaway each month!

Next up! We need a winner for the Jeri Smith-Ready contest!

The winner of this contest gets to pick on of Jeri's books as a prize from myself and then Jeri will send the winner some goodies to go with it eg. a signed bookplate, bookmarks etc.

So who won this? Congrats to -


Keep reading to find out how to claim your prize! A huge thank you to everyone who entered and shared their animal stories. Also a huge thank you to Ciara, Shane and Jeri for stopping by!

Another contest, another winner! This winner who entered the Rachel Vincent Contest will get to choose a Rachel Vincent book as their prize. This includes a pre-order of My Soul to Take.

So congrats to -

Shaliesha !!!

Keep reading to find out how to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered! It was great to read what kind of cats you would all like to be. Also a big thank you to Rachel for being my guest this week.

So the randomiser is getting tired but there is still one more winner to be picked. Only one person claimed their prize in the Sunny Contest so I need to draw another winner.

Congrats to -


How can you all claim your prizes?

All the winners should contact me via email - Amberkatzes_book_blog at gmx dot eu within the next 7 days to claim their prizes. Please make sure you tell me what contest you are claiming a prize for and which book you want (if there is a choice). Your claim will go quicker if you send me your address straight away.

I will pick a new winner if a prize isn't claimed. If you email me and don't get a reply within 48 hours please post on the blog letting me know. Some email gets eaten by my spam filter. PLEASE NOTE - I am away on holiday this week and won't have a constant internet connection. That could mean that it takes longer for me to get back to you. If you still haven't heard from by Sunday next week then post again on the blog letting me know.

Oh and next up! Kat Richardson is paying Amberkatze's Book Blog a visit! So make sure you don't miss out on that.

Also as I mentioned above...I am in Sweden from Monday till Friday this week on holiday! So I am not sure how much internet time I will have or if I will have a connection. Also the paranormal reading is going on holiday...I will be taking only non paranormal genre books with me! Yes I have some...and they are gathering dust ;) Maybe you will find something new to read anyway ;)


teachie said...

Looks like lots of goodies there Amber :)

Caffey said...

Congrats to you all!! Lots of great reading!!
Have a great week amber! Sorry I missed you recently. Not been up to par. Looking forward to this week!