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Sunday, July 5, 2009

135) Mona Lisa Darkening by Sunny

It is the vernal equinox, when night is as long as day and the barriers between the worlds is thin enough to pass through. Mona Lisa has gathered her people to bask in the full moon as they always do but this time she doesn't draw the white light of the moon but a horrible darkness. She finds herself in the NetherHell, the realm of the cursed damned.

While Mona Lisa is in this world she is in danger and not just from the creatures who call the place home. The evil Queen who essence shares Mona Lisa's body is strong enough in this realm to take control. Captured by a gargoyle warlord who wants her for himself, Mona Lisa is torn by desire and the need to leave the NetherHell. Will Mona Lisa find a way out of the NetherHell? Is she dead or still alive?

Book four in the Monère series was, like its predecessors, a great read. However I wouldn't say it was the best so far but it certainly had its ups and downs. Very dark but powerful this installment wasn't as erotic as the previous books. There was some heat, as expected, but it certainly wasn't anything like the heat shown in the first three books.

Mona Lisa goes through alot in this book and most of it without the help of her family and friends. She showed how strong she really is and that she can survive alone if she needs too. The gargoyles were a nice addition to the series and I hope that they will make an appearance again. On otherhand though I missed catching up with the other main characters, who were present but only had small parts.

This series is certainly unique and as a reader you need alot of imagination to follow Mona Lisa. These books have taken me by surprise and Sunny is now on my must buy list. I can't wait to see what happens next to Mona Lisa and I am looking forward to reading all about Lucinda. Sunny is an author not to be missed.

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