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Sunday, July 5, 2009

134) Hex in High Heels by Linda Wisdom

Sassy witch Blair Fitzpatrick has had a crush on the delicious town carpenter Jake Harrison for quite a while. Finding out he is a shape-shifter didn't put her off and while Jake has spent a few nights in Blair's bed as a dog she hasn't had him sleep over in human form yet. So just as things start to heat up, Jake starts to push Blair away and she wants to know why.

There are alot of things Blair doesn't know about Jake but the secrets he has been trying hard to keep are suddenly in town. Jake's nasty mother and brother want him to return to the pack and have plans to take over the town. This doesn't go down well with Blair and she tries really hard to stop herself from casting the best revenge spell she has in her. After all nobody messes with her town and boyfriend and gets away with it.

Hex in High Heels is another wonderful witchy tale from Linda Wisdom. Full of entertainment it is hard to tell if this is a romance, a mystery or an adventure story because the author manages to blend all of the genres up nicely. One thing is sure and that is that the book is full of humour and is extremely enjoyable.

This time the story centers around Blair and her were Jake. I hoped that after Stasi's and Jazz's stories that Blair would be next and I wasn't disappointed. Of course all the usual characters that I have come to know and love all made an appearance and even a few that I didn't know so well. Now I wonder which witch will be next? Although I doubt it will make much difference because every story so far has been amazing and I am sure the future ones will be too.

I think that the small unique areas like Puff and Fluff are just little things that make this set of stories unforgettable. This series keeps impressing me more and more each time and I can't wait for more. Full of magic, love and some other paranormal elements this series is hard to put down once you get started.

And this book has my review quoted on the front cover! Only a few words that came from my review for Hex Appeal via Paranormal Romance Reviews, but still mine ;)

Not due out until October I suggest anyone who hasn't tried Linda's books give them a go. They are truely different with sugar on top!

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