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Saturday, July 4, 2009

133) Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich

Celebrity Chef Stanley Chipotle comes to Trenton to take part in a barbecue contest and literally loses his head. Lula the bails bond office worker and ex-hooker sees this all up close and personal. When Chipotle's sponsor offers a large reward to anyone who can help catch his killer Lula decides she is going to get the killers herself. After all is the only one who knows what they look like. Of course Lula can't catch the killers on her own so she asks her bounty hunter friend Stephanie Plum to help her.

Stephanie is a bounty hunter with a difference. Where as most bounty hunters carry a gun, she hides hers in a cookie jar, unloaded. Her luck with cars is extremely bad and the way she attracts trouble is uncanny. Still she always manages to get results. This time though she isn't just helping Lula. The irresistible Ranger needs her help as well. Will she manage to help him out without falling into bed with him?

The fifteenth book from Janet Evanovich featuring Stephanie Plum is just as amazing as all the books before it. Laugh out load madcap mayhem with some feisty unusual characters with explosions and shooting galore! All that I have come to love and expect from this series was yet again fulfilled and now the part I hate has come. Another years wait till the next installment!

If you have been following this series then don't hang around, get your hands on this asap! If you haven't yet discovered this series then I suggest you wake up and try it out. There isn't anything like it out there and you will laugh, cry and enjoy!

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