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Friday, August 14, 2009

156) Cape Storm by Rachel Caine

A storm is coming and Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin is about to end up right in the middle of it. She should be enjoying a relaxing honeymoon with her Djinn husband David but instead she is not running from the hurricane that is approaching them.

On a hijacked luxury cruise liner Jo and David are joined by an army of fellow Wardens and Djinn. The attempt to lure the storm away from the helpless people on land works but the storm is still out there. The combined magic and power of the Wardens and Djinn don't seem to be enough to stop the storm but that may have something to do with the power mad ex-Weather Warden who is controlling it.

Book eight in the Weather Warden series doesn't give you time to catch your breath. Thrown straight into the storm the action doesn't stop till the very end. All the elements are, as usual, against Jo but this time she has to fight harder than ever before. The setting is an unusual but interesting choice, the story just flows and the characters play their parts well.

The Weather Warden series is an amazingly fresh take on the elements that we take for granted. If the Wardens really existed I would definitely want to be one. There is nothing else out there like this series, this is as unique as it gets. Not to be missed come rain or shine. Rachel Caine has brought us eight great books in the series and hopefully this won't be the last.

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