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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

156) Vanished by Kat Richardson

Harper Blaine still doesn't know why she is a Greywalker but she is slowly getting used to it. As a private investigator, using the Grey can actually work to her advantage. However the Grey isn't a safe place, as she has already learnt the hard way.

When Harper hears from an ex, and very dead, boyfriend she finds herself visiting him and her mother to find out more about her father's early death. She tries to find his ghost but only finds a void where he should be which leaves Harper with more unanswered questions than she had when she arrived.

Then Harper's investigation into her own mystery gets cut short when a very demanding vampire insists she goes to London for him. When she arrives in England she discovers that her personal mystery is actually tied up with her present job and she starts to get some answers.

London however is a dangerous place and before Harper knows what is happening she is on the run from the baddies and trying to find a friend before he is killed. In a strange city away from all her securities, Harper has to use her Greywalking skills to save her friends and herself.

Vanished is book four in the Greywalker series and even after the long break between books I have no problem getting back up to speed with Harper. Like visiting an old friend, Harper is a character that you will find hard not to like. She has strength and stamina but she is also vulnerable and scared. Harper is just like you and me, past problems, worries about the future and trying to get through the present.

This new installment to the series started off slowly but sped up all the way through till the very end. Being British I loved the idea of Harper being in London and enjoyed her adventures there and found them very detailed and interesting. Lots of new information and some questions are answered in Vanished but I hope that Harper will be back again soon to open up more of the 'grey' for us.

This series is absolutely unique. There is nothing else out there like the 'grey' and the spooky and scary elements that surround it. Ghosts and vampires are just a taste of the paranormal characters you will find inside this book and the rest in the series. With so much variety and such original content this is a series I would highly recommend to all lovers of the paranormal urban fantasy genre.

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Kimberly Swan said...

Wow, that cover really threw me for a minute. :) Definitely a fabulous series!