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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

168) Fade by Lisa McMann

Something horrible has been happening at Fieldridge High but nobody is talking about it. Then Janie ends up in a classmate's violent and shocking nightmare and things start to make more sense. A teacher in her school is taking advantage of girls and Janie is in a position to put an end to it.

However Janie ends up in way over her head and her boyfriend Cabel is having problems dealing with the situation they have found themselves in. Meanwhile Janie learns more about her dream catching ability and it doesn't look good. No cure and no escape. Janie is going to be pulled into peoples dreams for the rest of her life with some dire consequences.

Fade is the second book in the series about Janie and her dream catching abilities. The first book Wake really took me by surprise and I couldn't wait to get hold of this sequel. I was not disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed reading more about Janie's ability and also following her relationship with Cabel and her secret job.

The whole concept of having the ability to see into someones dreams is absolutely ingenious. The way the story is written really makes this series even more special and I am certainly going to be pre-ordering book three, Gone, as soon as I can.

Young adult or not this is an amazingly original but spooky series that is extremely enjoyable. I highly recommend this to everyone of any age and anyone who loves reading a good book.


Ellz said...

Wow, this sounds really cool. I have heard of Wake, but never read the review. I really want to read this, thanks for the great review!

Anonymous said...

I just read the review for FADE and that was enough to hook me. I have got to read this series!

Lori T said...

I have to completely agree with you. I loved Fade and Wake. Great review.

Rabid Fox said...

It sounds like a good follow-up novel to "Wake", which is one I've been meaning to read for nearly a year.