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Sunday, September 13, 2009

169) Sea Glass by Maria V. Snyder

The ability to steal a magician's powers has made Opal Cowan too powerful. A student glass magician, Opal, is ordered to be kept under house arrest by the council. However Opal is determined to find Ulrick, the man she thinks she loves. So she defies the Council's orders and travels to the Moon Clan's lands in search of Ulrick. However she isn't sure where he could be and if his soul is really his own.

Opal also can't get Kade out of her head. Kade is a handsome Stormdancer that she is wary of. She isn't sure if she should let him get too close to her. All in all she has no idea who she can really trust as everyone only wants her for special powers which they all want to use for their own deadly gain.

Another delightful story from the special and magical world Maria V. Snyder has created. Although the Study series will always hold a special place in my heart, the Glass series is keeping me intrigued and satisfied.

More fantasy than paranormal these books are more than special, they are extraordinary. If Yelena and Opal are magical due to their special abilities then Maria V. Snyder also has a magical ability of her own, as an author. I eagerly await anything else this author writes and can't believe that Opal will not be visiting us again until 2011!

If you are looking for something to read that will stay with you forever then try Maria's books. The Study series is the beginning and the most exquisite and the Glass series should not be read before you have met Yelena and heard her story.


Ellz said...

I am so excited to read this series, it sounds like an original idea. Great post!

Donna said...

I've been meaning to read the Study series and this new series by Maria V. Snyder looks really intriguing. Thanks for the tip on reading order. :)

Shara said...

The publishing date for the third book is actually a typo. If you go to Maria's website, you'll learn that SPY GLASS, the third book, comes out in fall 2010. :)