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Saturday, September 26, 2009

174) Murder with Reservations by Elaine Viets

Another dead-End job, another dollar. Helen Hawthorne has found a new employer who won't ask questions and pay her cash. It is the only way she can keep herself out of the system and live her life in freedom. So hotel rooms are now her thing. Cleaning up after people who don't leave tips and don't care what kind of mess they leave behind. It could be worse.

Then one of the maids turns up dead and Helen is once again in the middle of a murder investigation. She can only hope, like her previous experiences with finding dead bodies, that she doesn't get put in the system, end up on TV or in court. Any of those three things could be the end of Helen's life on the lam.

Although a dead body is the least of Helen's worry when her ex arrives in town. He has finally got a lead on her and he is out to find her. Can she keep her job and stay in hiding while he is in Fort Lauderdale? or will he manage to get to trace her to her new job and her lovely home? Is it time for Helen to give up her dead-end jobs and run?

Six books into the series and still going strong. With little time to read this week I needed something enjoyable but light to read and this was just the ticket. I adore this series and love finding out what Dead-End job Helen is working now and how long it will take before she finds herself staring at a dead body!

This cozy mystery series is one of my favourites and Elaine Viets is one of the best cozy authors around. Her characters are fun to read about and the mystery's keep you guessing till the end. I am looking forward to catching up with Helen again soon and I am glad to see a new Mystery Shopper book is due out.

If you like Cozy mystery's or want to try one then I highly recommend this author. You will giggle and you will enjoy!


Nina said...

I love good books that are funny! :) Thank you for the review.

Unknown said...

I love reading books in a series, plus if they are funny/mysteries/suspense type books, makes it even better. Am looking forward to reading this series!