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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

182) Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong

There are some advantages to being the world's only female werewolf. However the disadvantages sometimes get in the way of how Elena Michaels would like to live her life. With a handsome mate and two lovely children it looks like Elena has everything she could ever want. However she can't give up her 'day job' and tracking mutts is what she is good at. So this time she is off to Alaska to find a mutt.

This is where the disadvantages start to come in to play. Especially when Elena finds out that there are more mutts in Alaska than they thought there would be. Of course being the only female werewolf means the mutts want to have her for themselves. Where as her mate Clay has already claimed her as his.

So Elena and Clay try and put a stop to the mutts who have been killing anything they fancy. Although there is something out there in the Alaskan wilderness that is more dangerous than a couple of mutts. Will Elena be strong enough to cover all angles and show that she could be a great Alpha?

Another Women of the Otherworld novel and another amazing read. There isn't one book in this series that I haven't enjoyed and I know that Kelley Armstrong will never disappoint. This is one of my must have series that I keep hold of and plan to read again and again. I love the characters, the story and the plots. Every book so far has gripped me from beginning to end and that is something I can't say about many series.

This new installment really delves into Elena's and Clay's relationship with another. Sure we have seen them go through all different kinds of phases but this is them all grown up with kids. Questions about Elena being the next Alpha come into play and her past catches up with her. So much depth and action kept me reading and I finished this within a day.

If there is someone out there who loves the urban paranormal fantasy genre and hasn't tried this series yet then you have been missing one of the best. Along with Charlaine Harris and Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong is one of the queens of the genre. All her books, including her other series, are amazing worthwhile reads that you will hopefully, like me, enjoy and treasure!

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ParaJunkee said...

This sounds great, I love Kelley Armstrong also.