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Thursday, October 8, 2009

183) Dead Man Talking by Casey Daniels

Cemetery tour guide Pepper Martin has been given a special task. She has been asked to help with a project to restore Monroe Street Cemetery. So she is not happy when her boss informs her that the restoration is being turned into a local reality TV show called Cemetery Survivor. One team consists of rich ladies while Pepper's team is made up of convicts on probation.

So with alot of work ahead of her the last thing Pepper needs is for a ghost to turn up needing her help. The man claims that he was wrongly convicted of murder and wants Pepper to clear his name. Pepper tries to say no but when she comes across a few clues she is helpless to the cause. However long ago this all took place it seems she is ruffling a few feathers with her need to find out the truth. One again Pepper gets too deep into the investigation and is in very grave danger.

Book five in the Pepper Martin series was as enjoyable as all the previous books. I love this mixture of the paranormal and cosy mystery. What makes it even more special is Pepper herself. With such a strong and stubborn main character it is no surprise that she gets mixed up in the investigations she does and therefore getting herself into danger.

This new addition to the series keeps the reader guessing to the end. With so many twists and turns there is no way anyone can see what is coming until it really happens. Casey Daniels has a great talent for not only making her books memorable but for also making them interesting by adding such descriptive details.

Now I am on the look out for Pepper Martin book No6! There was a little unfinished business in this book that I am eager to find out more about and fear I will have to wait a long time. However while I am waiting I hope some of you will check out the series! Casey Daniels is my guest on Amberkatze's Book Blog on October 18th so make sure you come by and get to know her better.


Donna said...

I have no idea why but last week is the first time I have ever heard of Casey Daniels - and this is book five! Where have I been? Looks like a good series I need to check out. Thanks!

Casey said...

Casey here! Just wanted you to know that you don't have to wait all that long...book #6 (tentatively titled Tomb with a View) will be out in July of 2010.

Unknown said...

Till July is still too long ;)

Thanks for stopping by and letting us know! I can't wait for Tomb with a View (great title btw!)