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Saturday, October 24, 2009

188) Shadowlight by Lynn Viehl

Jessa Bellamy only has to touch someone to know their darkest secrets. Thanks to whoever messed around with her genes this is her 'gift' that she secretly uses to earn a living. However she doesn't know that someone else has discovered her talent and wants to kill her so they can harvest her DNA. What she also doesn't know is there is someone who wants to keep her safe.

Matthias is forced to abduct Jessa so he can protect her. Although Jessa has a hard time trying to believe a man that she can't read using her power. Jessa's life is in danger so she has to trust someone but she needs to find out somehow if Matthias is her all or enemy before it is too late.

I absolutely loved the Darkyn series and was really looking forward to this first book in the Kyndred series. However I have to admit that I have been fighting with this book all week and even contemplated giving up on it. The style was completely different to the Darkyn. The story was hard to follow and hardly interesting. This added together with the bland and boring main characters made me really think twice about if I wanted to keep reading till the end.

The only hope I saw was the references to the Darkyn and the appearance of some of the Darkyn characters I have come to know and enjoy over the years. However I was then left wondering what part these Darkyn characters actually play in the Kyndred series. Is this a new series? Has the Darkyn series now become the Kyndred series? or was this book just a cross over into the new series?

Confused and frustrated is how this book left me feeling. If the author writes more Darkyn books I will be there in a rush to get my hands on them but the Kyndred just didn't do it for me and I could do without them. Sorry!

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booklover0226 said...

I really need to check out Lynn Viehl's works; I've heard they are pretty good. Plus, I've had her on wishlist for a long time; it's time for me to purchase one of her books.