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Sunday, November 15, 2009

199) Demon Ex Machina by Julie Kenner

Demon Hunting Soccer Mom, Kate Connor, is having one hell of a month. She is juggling being a mother of two, a wife and a demon hunter. Her extra curriculum activities of teaching self-defense classes and helping her daughter learn everything she needs to become a hunter is keeping her more than busy. So the last thing she needs is to her have first husband hanging around with a demon inside him.

Toddlers having tantrums are easy to deal with compared to all the demonic problems Kate faces. Somehow she has to find a way to release and kill the demon possessing her first husband without actually killing him. After all he is the father of her oldest child. However her present husband has a few things to say about the whole demon business and Kate is finding her secret demon life isn't so secret anymore.

I absolutely adore this series. The concept is utterly unique and well thought out. The characters are just like your typical dysfunctional family and easy to relate to. The mystery inside is written so well that you really have no idea what is about to happen until it happens. This new edition to the series is just as great as its predecessors.

Staying away from the usual plots and storylines this series is action packed but also alot of fun. Some twists and turns in this latest installment had me wondering if this was the end of the series but I think there could be more to come. Actually I hope there will be more to come! If you haven't already tried this series then I highly suggest trying out the first book. A definite must read!

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Marie said...

This is one of my favorite series! I do hope there will be more!!