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Friday, November 20, 2009

200) Betrayals by Lili St. Crow

Life isn't easy for Dru. Her parents are both gone, her best friend has been bitten by a werwulf and she just found out that she isn't entirely human. Now she is being kept hidden in a secret school that trains djamphir and wulfen teenagers. It wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't the only girl in the place.

There is nothing much to do. Stuck in classes that are way below her abilities, Dru isn't even allowed to train. Then Christophe, the man who saved her and brought her to the school, turns up and she starts to learn the truth about everything. However Dru will have to wait to find out more. There is a traitor in the order who wants her dead and Dru isn't sure who it is. Who can she trust?

Strange Angels, the first book in this new series, really impressed me. However this second book lost me a little. Even though I read the first book quite recently I couldn't really remember what happened. Getting into the story was quiet hard and I fought at the beginning to keep up with what was going on. When I did start to get into this I realised the pace was alot different to that of the first book. Not only had the location changed but the people around Dru and Dru herself were alot different. Of course this is too be expected but it made keeping up just a little harder.

Dru is a teenage girl who has had to grow up way too soon. She is fighting for her life and has a lot of questions, some of which I am sure will never get answered. I like her determination and style but I find her to be a little too much of a daydreamer. I wonder how her character will develop as the series progresses. She is tough but it feels like she could break at any moment.

All in all this is another great story from one of the best Paranormal Urban Fantasy writers around. Lili St. Crow a.k.a Lilith Saintcrow has, like many other authors in the genre, moved into the Young Adult league and has come up with something new and exciting. A little bit of House of the Night and Vampire Academy mixed up with her own personal style, Lili St. Crow always gives the reader an action packed read full of paranormal goodness.

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Rabid Fox said...

I enjoyed Strange Angels, so I'll have to give the sequel a chance.

Nice review.