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Friday, December 11, 2009

208) Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

After seeing New Moon in the cinema my friend asked me 'So what happens in Eclipse again?'. I had to tell her that I really didn't know. I couldn't remember. So off I went to iTunes and got myself the audio book version to listen to.

I read Eclipse, book three in the Twilight Saga, such a long time ago that I roughly knew what happened but wasn't too sure. I have read hundreds of books since then and after watching New Moon I needed to carry on with the series.

The majority of people reading this blog will have read the series so I won't go into details. However I will say that the audio versions of these books are turning out to be a real joy to listen to. I like them alot and should have listened to them before now. I will also add that Eclipse felt a little long winded. I don't remember the book being anything other than good but while listening to this I just kept wishing that something would happen.

Now I am trying to stop myself from clicking on iTunes and getting Breaking Dawn. I am going to try and put it off till the New Year but who knows if I will manage it! If you ever want to try an audio book then I can highly recommend these. If you are already an audio book fan and haven't yet tried these then I suggest you do.

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