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Friday, December 11, 2009

209) Tainted by Julie Kenner

Lily Carlyle's life has been filled with lying, cheating and stealing. A total bad girl, all she wanted was to keep her sister, Rose, safe. With Rose broken in more ways than one, Lily is out for justice. She doesn't care if she dies getting the monster who hurt her sister. After all she will leave her sister free from the nightmare. However what Lily doesn't know is that her death will not be the end of her life.

Waking up as Alice Purdue wasn't what Lily expected of death. Suddenly Lily is in the middle of a battle between good and bad. Demons are real and she is in a position to kill them. So she becomes an assassin for the light. It is a job she thinks she can do. She just doesn't realise how hard a job it will be to stop.

Tainted is the first book in a new series from Julie Kenner. Well known for her Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series it was quite interesting to see what else the author has to offer. The Blood Lily Chronicles have a slight resemblance to Julie Kenner's other books to the point that they both revolve around demons and someone who kills them. Other than that these two main characters, worlds and plots are extremely different.

Dark, dangerous and full of depth, Tainted really impressed me. Twists and turns paved the way through this very well written first in the series. Now I am eager to start book number two. Torn is already out and I have a copy here waiting for me and I am determined to read some others book first but it definitely has something that is pulling me towards it.

If you already know and love Julie Kenner's books then make sure you understand that this new series is Urban Paranormal Fantasy and is not funny! This is serious stuff and not like her previous works. However it is just as good as anything else she has written. Julie has taken her work to a new level and I hope she is proud!


Vickie said...

You haven't ever steered me wrong, so I will be getting this one. I don't much care for Kenner's other books, but I do like well written UF.

Lemonitsa said...

Amber, thanks for the review of this one! Somehow I missed that there was a new series :/

I enjoyed the Soccer Mom series but I like serious UF more so I am definitely looking forward to getting this one.

cheers and hugs,