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Saturday, December 26, 2009

213) Eternal Hunter by Cynthia Eden

Assistant DA Erin Jerome has a couple of secrets she has been keeping. It isn't easy keeping those secrets from the people who get close to her but one person is getting too close and she doesn't even know who he is. Being stalked is one thing but her stalker is taking things too far. So Erin moves to get away from him and starts a new life somewhere else. Unfortunately that doesn't put off her stalker one bit.

Bounty Hunter Jade Donovan is a shapeshifter and knows that Erin is keeping a secret. He knows she is not human and all his animal instincts are crying out to be with Erin. He is trying to keep things professional but knows it won't last long if he is going to be working with her.

So when her case turns into some more personal Jade is the one who wants to protect her and Erin is the one calling him for help. Will they manage to find the bad guy and live happily ever after? If they were human maybe it would be that easy but in the world they live in things are hard and dangerous.

Let me start off by saying that I am not really one for the overly romantic paranormal books. So when I first came across Cynthia Eden I was a little skeptical. I was very surprised and pleased when I finally got around to reading one of Cynthia's books. Sure there is romance but the mystery and depth of the story is so outstanding that the lovey dovey stuff is just a little piece of chocolate from a huge king size bar.

Eternal Hunter has all the winning elements I have come to expect from this author. There are always two impressive lead characters that draw me in so much that I have to keep reading about them. There is always a deep mystery filled paranormal plot that keeps me hooked till the end. Then there is always the lovely writing style that makes Cynthia's books such a joy to read. Plus the twists in the story always keep me reading way past my bedtime!

Another great read from an amazing author. If you are looking for a good paranormal story with depth, action and a storyline that will keep you interested and reading way into the night, then look no further. I can't wait to see what else Cynthia Eden writes about because all of her books so far have been a pleasure to read and they are all stories that I will definitely be reading again.

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