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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

216) Demon Bound by Caitlin Kittredge

Nearly thirteen years ago, Jack Winter lay dying in a graveyard. He wasn't ready to die and made a deal so he could stay alive. His traded his soul for thirteen more years but now the demon is back and wants to collect his payment. Jack still isn't ready to die and now he has something to live for. Pete Caldecott is the reason he is clean and alive. Because of her he is going to fight back and find a way to break the deal.

Pete has no idea about Jack's deal but she knows something is going on. Trying to find work and keep things running smoothly isn't working. She wants Jack but until he can finally be truthful with her, she is going to keep her distance. Black things are all around them while they work and if Jack doesn't fight back hard enough they may both lose their lives.

This is the second Black London novel and I love how British it is. So many of the Paranormal genre books are based in the States so it is extremely refreshing to have one based in the UK for once. It is especially nice for me because I am British and can relate to all the little snippets of UK life. A big thumbs up for the author for moving the genre somewhere else for a change.

Scenery aside this series is building up nicely. It reminds me alot of the Dresden Files but this Black London world is still in construction. Very deep, dark and fast-paced I am really enjoying the characters and the plots. However I am still struggling a little with the who is who and what is what but I am hoping this will come to me as the series continues. It will be interesting to see how the series will carry on. The end of this book had quite a cliffhanger and I hope we don't have to wait too long to find out what happens next.

All in all this is turning out to be one strong, hard and edgy paranormal series. Cailtlin Kittredege is definitely going to be one of the big names in the genre but I have to admit I prefer her Nocturne City series to the Black London novels at the moment.


Vickie said...

I really look forward to reading this one. The first one was edgy, dark and I loved the intriguing chemistry between Pete and Jack. This is going to be one of those series that will be a bedside read so I can get the most time with. And truly mess with my dreams.

Patricia Altner said...

I'm certainly aware of this series, but haven't yet started it. Sounds like I've really been missing out.

Thanks for the excellent review!

Adele said...

I loved the first book and can't wait to get my mitts on this one too.
If you like reading UF based in London have you tried Mike Carey yet? There is a nice long back catalogue to my joy.

Unknown said...

Know what Hagelrat? I actually have one...if not two Mike Carey books here but they seem to have gotten lost under all the other books. I really have have dig them out and stop reading all the new stuff first ;)

Vickie said...

Amberkatze: You really have to dig those Mike Carey books out and read them. The first two are superb! I have DEAD MAN'S BOOTS on the nightstand for a soon to be read.