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Sunday, May 9, 2010

61) Burned by P.C & Kristen Cast

Zoey Redbird's soul shattered when she saw everything falling apart around her. Now Zoey's body remains alive with her friends refusing to mourn her death. It is only her soul that is gone, in pieces in the Otherworld. They have seven days to get Zoey back before she fades away forever. If only they could communicate with her and help her back.

BFF Stevie Rae wants to help Zoey but she has enough problems of her own to deal with. The Rogue Red Fledglings are making a nuisance of themselves and Stevie knows she will have to let them suffer the consequences this time. But that is nothing compared to the big secret Stevie is hiding from everyone, even her kinda boyfriend Dallas. Her secret could actually help get Zoey back but if she reveals it to the others the poop is going to hit the fan big time.

Stuck in the middle is Aprodite. No longer a fledgling she is still blessed by Nyx. Her visions may be able to help Zoey but she isn't sure how. She really wants to do the best she can for everyone involved but it is clear to her that not everyone has total faith in her. Which is to be expected.

All three girls have had alot of pressure put on them again. Not only does Zoey's fate hang in the balance but everyone elses as Neferet and Kalona try and take over the world. Will the girls come through this time? Or will they all get burned?

The House of the Night series has come a long way since the first book 'Marked'. With so many players and such a deep storyline it is nice to see that the authors have adapted how they write the books to make sure that the reader can follow the story. The story in Burned is told by many different characters and therefore other perspectives. This sounds like it could be confusing but the change in person is clearly marked which makes the change in the narrative easy to follow.

Seeing things from the perspective of different characters was an interesting development in the series but I also realised that there was alot we don't get to see in this book. Some of Zoey's friends, for example the twins, are only mentioned in passing and the school itself is hardly seen or heard of. The distance from the House of the Night disturbed me quite a bit and I hope things will be brought back to the school again in the next book.

Another side effect of the ever changing characters perspective was the lack of Zoey. In a way this was a nice change and a chance to see and get to know other characters much better. I enjoyed following Stevie Rae's side of things and actually looked forward to seeing the story move over to her. I would have liked to have gotten to know Aprodite in the same way but her part in this book was slightly smaller. Understanding the role Stark played in everything that happens in this new release was made easier by seeing it from his standpoint. So all in all I hope this new trend in the books continues.

As for the story itself, well things are getting a little, in my honest opinion, off track. I wonder how many more books are planned for the series and if there is actually an end in sight. At some points I thought that this book was just drawing things out that little bit more. Giving the authors time to decide where they really want to take this. Even though I really love this series and would like to see it continue, I also want to see things finally come to a head. Maybe not the end of things all together but at least a new enemy or a different storyline about the House of the Night.

Any fans of this book would be out of their mind not to rush out and buy this new installment. It is a must buy and must read to anyone who has been following the House of the Night series. Now that I have come this far I know there is no turning back. Even if there are small things that annoy me there are still alot of things I love about these books. Sure Burned wasn't as good as the first few books but it is just part of a continuing story that I am definitely going to read to the end. Whenever that is.

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