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Saturday, August 7, 2010

109) Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost

Private investigator Kira Graceling should have kept walking when she heard the moans of pain coming from inside a warehouse. But her mentor's words 'Save one life' pop into her head and she finds herself going into an unknown situation. With her experience and training she hopes to at least keep the victim alive until the police arrive but what Kira finds is beyond her imagination and looks more like a nightmare.

The victim is Mencheres, a master vampire who thought he had seen everything there was to see. The Kira comes into his life and changes his outlook on things. While he knows he has to wipe Kira's mind and send her away, there seems to be more than one problem stopping him from doing this. Firstly he can't seem to erase her memories and secondly he wants her.

An old enemy is finally catching up with Mencheres and Kira as a result is also in danger. Will the master vampire manage to clear himself of the mess he has found himself caught up in and will he be able to keep Kira alive while he tries.

Love, action and the paranormal comes together once again in another amazing Jeaniene Frost novel. Although this is only a spin-off from her Night Huntress series, this is still worth reading because it has the same elements of a Cat and Bones story but with just other lead characters. Oh and Cat and Bones also make a few appearances!

Mencheres is a vampire that any lover of the Night Huntress series knows of. Eternal Kiss of Darkness is the story of his long life and ultimately a story of how a vampire can still be forced to deal with huge life changing decisions however old they might be.

I hope that Mencheres and Kira make an appearance in the other series because they were really nice characters to get to know. It will be nice to see how they are getting along after a few months or even years together. Also I would like to see how Kira's sister gets on. Maybe she will be the focus of another spin-off?

While I enjoyed this book I am still more in love with the Night Huntress books. This just sated my hunger until another Cat and Bones novel comes out. It also made sure that I added The Other side of the Grave to my pre-order list so I don't miss it when it comes out.

A must read for any fan of this author and her vampire series. Jeaniene Frost is on my must buy list and I am sure she will be staying there.

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