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Sunday, August 8, 2010

110) Almost to Die For by Tate Hallaway

On her sixteenth birthday, Anastasija Parker knows that the truth is finally going to come out. The truth that she has been trying to tell her mother for years, a truth that will see her cast out and to make it more embarrassing it will be witnessed by the whole coven. See Ana, as she likes to be called, doesn't have any magic in her at all.

This evening instead of a party she will get up in front of the coven and fail miserably. However before that can happen her so-called deadbeat dad finally makes an appearance in her life and tells her she is a vampire princess. Of course her mother has not mentioned this tiny detail and Ana is left with a lot of questions left unanswered as her parents fight over her destiny.

Ana tries to keep both parents happy but things don't really pan out as she wants them to. So Ana has to make a choice between being a witch with no power or a vampire who likes to suck blood. Now she realised things were much easier when she was fifteen and just had to get through high school.

You may remember author Tate Hallaway for her Garnet Lacey series that unfortunately came to an end earlier this year. Well Tate is back and she has brought with her a great YA debut about vampires and witches. In this new paranormal world we meet Ana, a girl coming of age into something that she was definitely not prepared for.

Ana is easy to get to know and I felt very close to her straight away. The story flowed and had some nice twists and turns along the way. The style was different to the Garnet Lacey books but was still one I liked very much. The content was not too over the top and the details kept me on track so I didn't feel lost in this new world.

All in all Tate Hallaway has made a wonderful transformation into a Paranormal Young Adult author and I am looking forward to more. Almost to Die For is a great story with a super mix of the paranormal. Not only has the author done the Paranormal and YA genres justice but she has also managed to produce something new and special. Here's hoping that there will be more Vampire Princess novels in the future. Buy it, try it and then pass it on to the young ladies in your life!

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