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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

117) Entwined by Elisabeth Naughton

The Blurb -

Forces of daemons are gathering and have broken through the barriers of the Underworld. Now more than ever the Eternal Guardians are needed to protect both their own realm and the human world. Zander can't afford to think about what might have been with the bewitching physician he once regarded as his soul mate. But with eternity stretching out before him, he also can't fathom spending his life without the one woman who makes him feel most alive. Perhaps he's found his weakness, after all...

What I Thought -

I received this book to review, looked at the blurb, and instantly thought 'I am not going to like this'. It sounded complicated. Another new series, another new world. Do I really want to go through that again? It is great having so many new Paranormal genre books on the market but some of them just aren't good enough and my brain is just stuck with the memory of yet another bunch of characters I am never going to visit again.

So when I started Entwined, I did go in with a negative attitude. I was convinced that after a few chapters I would give up. And at first it did seem that way. I couldn't keep track of who was who. I had no idea about this new world. I was pretty confused. Then I was stuck somewhere with only this book to read. So I read. I started to like.

Now I am not saying this was amazing but by the middle of the book I was feeling a little more at home in the new world the author had created and I knew the characters a little better. Unfortunately something I also realised in the middle of the book is that this is the second part in the series. I have never read 'Marked' and this most likely explains my lack of knowledge about the whole concept. However it didn't stop me. I read this to the end and enjoyed it.

The Eternal Guardians series is definitely a close relative of the Dark-Hunter series and even a distant cousin of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and any fans of these two bestsellers should consider trying out this new arrival. Romance is one of the main features in this book but it isn't too over the top and the author does know how to heat things up. Dramatic, dark and more fantasy than paranormal, Entwined was an interesting read and shows a lot of promise. Greek mythology meets the middle ages with kings, warriors and gods all playing a part.

Marked, the first book in this series, has now been added to my wishlist. I am really interested in knowing what happened in book one. Not having read the debut hasn't ruined the story for me but I am sure it will offer some more clarity to the series in general. And if a third book in the series comes along I am pretty sure I will take a look at it. Elisabeth Naughton could just be the next Sherrilyn Kenyon.

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