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Sunday, September 26, 2010

129) Angel Interrupted by Chaz McGee

The Blurb -

Some cases are as cold as the grave...

A lost soul in limbo, Kevin Fahey is trying to prove he’s a better ghost than he ever was a man. And trying to help Maggie Gunn, the detective who replaced him, is a good way to start.

My Thoughts -

Angel Interrupted is the second book in the Dead Detective Mysteries and was a fantastic read. The actual idea of having a dead detective following an investigation and trying to help the living solve the case not only new and fresh but the story being told from the ghost perspective makes things even more interesting.

The emotional plot great sequel was fast paced and addictive while the mystery itself was extremely well thought out and full of surprises. I was pretty sure I knew how things were going to turn out but the way things unraveled was full of twists and kept me wondering if my hunches were indeed correct.

It is a shame that it has been over a year since the debut in this series was released. I had forgot a lot of the little details and would have liked to caught up with the dead detective again sooner rather than later. I hope there will be more books in the series and look forward to being shown the world through the eyes of a ghost once more.

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