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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

8) Marked By The Moon by Lori Handeland

The Blurb -

As far as rogue agent Alexandra Trevalyn is concerned, the werewolf hunters known as the Jäger-Suchers have gone soft. In her book, you don’t treat werewolves with kindness; you kill them. Unfortunately for her, she makes an enemy out of Julian, and he enacts his revenge by turning Alex into a werewolf. Though he hates her, she’s now part of the pack. And as much as Alex hates to admit it, she finds a passion with Julian and an understanding that true evil walks not on four feet but two.

My Thoughts -

I didn't think that we would see anything new in the Nightcreature series ever again. Wasn't I surprised when I saw Marked by the Moon pop up on my Amazon recommendations. I was so happy that there was going to be a new Jäger-Suchers story but I had to wait a while to get hold of this. For some reason this wasn't available to me via Kindle. It seems this publisher doesn't like overseas Kindle readers!

Anyway I did get a copy for Christmas and I have been eager to read it and decided to make it the book for my bag this week. Well what I thought would be a week long read on the tram and underground turned into a couldn't put it down and have to read it at every possible moment read! I just couldn't get enough of this one and finished this as quickly as I started it.

The first few chapters were interesting enough and then things went a little weird for a few more chapters. At first I thought that the author had lost touch with this series but it seems she was just warming up. Within a hundred pages I was hooked and the author had me under her spell. By the end it was clear, Lori Handeland has worked her magic again and has given us a great new Nightcreature novel.

Now I love the paranormal but I don't really need the romance. However this series hooks me everytime and makes me want to read only werewolf based books. If you are a fan of this series or this author then you really want to read Marked by the Moon. Oh and Luckily it looks like there are a few more Nightcreature books coming out this year so I don't have to worry about getting my fix. Keep them coming and I will keep reading them!


E.J. Stevens said...

This series sounds fantastic. Adding to my tbr list. :)
From the Shadows

Aurian said...

I love this series, much better than those Chaos books. Though I read those too. This one has been lying on my shelf for a few weeks already, and I am just waiting for a moment I need a good read to perk up my day to grab this one ... Luckily, there will be more in this series.