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Thursday, February 10, 2011

22) A Timely Vision by Joyce and Jim Lavene

The Blurb -

Meet Dae O'Donnell, a woman with a gift for finding lost things-and the stories behind lost lives...

Dae O'Donnell is the mayor of Duck, North Carolina-and the person everyone turns to when they've lost something. One touch and Dae can find it, and missing pieces seem to find their way to her, whether she wants them to or not.

When Miss Mildred asks Dae to find her missing watch, Dae finds herself looking for more than mislaid jewelry-she must prove the town matriarch isn't a cold-blooded killer.

My Thoughts -

I needed a nice cozy mystery and this one has been lying on my bookshelf for a while. Of course I am reading so many other series that I nearly decided not to start another one. However I was too interested in the concept of this one. Someone who finds things? Practically paranormal if you ask me! So I had to give it a go.

Well I have to say I am really happy I gave this one the time of day. I found it to be well written and extremely well thought out. I didn't know who the murderer was until the story really started to show me who it was. I was guessing along with the rest of the characters until the end. I liked the leading lady and the possible romantic interest wasn't too forced.

Oh and I was pleasantly surprised by the small paranormal twists. Dae's gift is described as a psychic ability and it was hinted that she can do a little bit more. Also there was a ghost sighted once or twice and the promise of some more to come. So if you like a little break now and again from those Urban Fantasy novels (like I do) you may want to check this one out.

All the characters were nice and I am really looking forward to meeting them again. Which I can next month! It seems the second part in this series is already due out. It has been added to my wish list and I am sure it will be making its way to my Kindle some time after release.


Aurian said...

I do love cozy mysteries evere now and then, and this one sure sounds good. I'll give it a try if I can find it.

Aurian said...
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Marie said...

I read this about a month ago and really enjoyed it -- I wasn't sure what to expect going in but it turned out to be a really good read and I'm looking forward to seeing more in the series!


Unknown said...

I am very tempted to pre-order A Touch of Gold...