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Saturday, June 4, 2011

75) Grave Sight : Part One by Charlaine Harris

The Blurb :

At the age of 15, Harper Connelly was struck by lightning, an event that gave her the ability to find the dead and see how they died. Since then, Harper's scratched out a living selling her services to anyone with a checkbook. It's not the best life, but it beats the alternative - at least until Harper and her brother Tolliver roll into Sarne, Arkansas and find themselves embroiled in a murder mystery!

My Thoughts :

I really enjoyed the Harper Connelly series and was surprised to see it being released in a graphic novel format. Of course there is no way I can say no to a Charlaine Harris book and I decided to give this a go. After all I really wanted to revisit this series and this was as good a way as any.

My first impression was that Harper looked extremely goth/punk. Was she really like that in the books? I don't remember her looking so cool. I am not saying it didn't fit but it did take me by surprise. Also Tolliver, her brother, didn't look anything like I expected. Maybe I really do need to read this series again.

The graphics are nice. Not the best I have seen but well drawn. The dialogue follows the original books and I like how they managed to fit in Harper's background story. What I wasn't too impressed with was the length. This is only part one and to be honest they could have done away with the 10+ pages of extras, which made me yawn, and added a bit more of the story.

If you haven't already tried this series then I highly recommend it. I loved the books and hope one day that there will be more stories about Harper and her brother. If you like graphic novels then this is definitely one to try. Fans of this series will find this to be more of a collectors item or a way to revisit the series. The novels are always better but this graphic novel certainly does make Harper Connelly pop!

*This title releases on the 14th of June*

1 comment:

Aurian said...

I have not tried this series yet, got bummed out by the first two Sookie Stackhouse books. I am also not really a fan of graphic novels, so I'll pass on this one too.