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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

145) Courting Darkness by Yasmine Galenorn

The Blurb :

Camille D'Artigo is Priestess of the Moon Mother and wife of a dragon. But her dragon father-in-law doesn't want her in the family. Captured and swept off to the Dragon Reaches, Camille must find a way to escape before her husband's father breaks her spirit...

My Thoughts :

I remember reading Witchling, the first Sisters of the Moon book, way back in 2008. The series has come a long way since then and in only just three years we have already reached the 10th book in the series and Camille's fourth leading role. When I met Camille I loved her straight away. As the series has progressed I actually came to love her sisters more. Camille has become too dramatic, sexual and bossy for my liking but I have to admit I love catching up with her and her three husbands.

Anyone who hasn't already read this series shouldn't jump in now with book ten. It would only bring on a massive headache and there is no way you can enjoy this series without knowing what happened in the previous books. As always things start off with some action. The sisters never have a moment to relax and enjoy themselves because evil never sleeps. Within the first few chapters one of the extended family is missing and the hunt is on.

However amazing the story in Courting Darkness is there should be a warning on the cover. While the scenes that play out inside this tenth book are part of the story and are vital to the plot, they are also quite graphic. This time Camille's story is extremely raw and emotional. There are surely a lot of women who will find it difficult to read some of the scenes. On the other side it is inspiring to see Camille's strength and determination shine through. I could have done without it but it certainly brought the series into another level.

The Sisters of the Moon is by far one of the best Paranormal Urban Fantasy series out there. The changing point of view each book makes it special. The three sisters and there stories, abilities and actions make it unique. There is nothing else like this and anyone who hasn't tried this series yet needs to play catch up! This is a series I highly recommend any lover of the genre to curl up with!

I look forward to Delilah's story and the continuation of the series in Shaded Vision when it comes out in February. It will be interesting to see what happens next after the happy announcement at the end of this book. Oh and I have to praise the author/publisher's for not making this series a 'once a year' book. It is great to see the sisters on such a regular basis!

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Aurian said...

Finally, a review of a series I already read and love! Yasmine writes 60-80 hours a week, which is why she can write 4 books a year. She has a great blog.