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Saturday, November 26, 2011

146) Ghost Ship by P. J. Alderman

The Blurb :

A recent transplant to Washington State’s charming seaside town of Port Chatham, Jordan is still getting used to sharing her slightly run-down but historic lodging with ghosts. As if living with the long-deceased isn’t enough of a challenge, she’s just found a corpse: The town’s notorious womanizer Holt Stillwell is lying on the beach with a bullet in his head.

Before Jordan can reel in a suspect, another victim surfaces. And this one isn’t taking murder lying down. Holt’s ancestor Michael Seavey, the Pacific Northwest’s most infamous shanghaier, has materialized in Jordan’s house, seeking to solve his own death in a suspicious shipwreck in 1893. With two murders to solve and a killer on the loose, Jordan faces yet another equally terrifying prospect: her growing attraction to the very alive and criminally attractive pub owner Jase Cunningham.

My Thoughts :

I really enjoyed the first Port Chatham Mystery, Haunting Jordan, and was happy that I already had a copy of the sequel on my Kindle waiting for me. However the usual 'too many books and not enough reading time' stopped me from diving straight into Ghost Ship but after a very long cozy mystery break I needed to curl up with something spooky and mysterious. This book hit the mark completely!

Jordan is a nice main character and even though she is supposed to be a therapist she doesn't analyse everything and ramble on for ages about theories etc. Her interactions with the ghosts that reside in her house and the rest of Port Chatham is well written and very funny at times. I am getting quite attached to the spectres and I think Jordan is too.

The mystery this time was just as exciting as in the first book. Nice twists and turns and an extremely interesting look back at the past of the town. The author has given a lovely wild history to Port Chatham and the majority of the tales actually tied in with those from the first book and expanded on what the reader already learnt in Haunting Jordan.

All in all this is a delicious cozy mystery series that I am throughly enjoying! I only hope that there will be more books soon because these really have been a treat. The combination of the paranormal with a cozy mystery could turn out to be over the top and silly but P.J. Alderman has found the perfect balance and has made it work wonderfully.


Nancy said...

I don't often comment on a review, but I ADORE Alderman's ghost series. Have read both and can hardly wait for the next one!

Nancy Haddock

Vickie said...

This has become one of my favorite series. Like you, I had both on the shelf and meant to read both one after the other and the same happened to me as happened to you. I read GHOST SHIP a few weeks ago and loved it. I can't wait to read more of P J Alderman's books.

Aurian said...

This series is high on my wishlist, thanks to you and Vickie both ;) thanks for the reminder.

P.J. Alderman said...


Thanks to all of you for such nice comments about my series! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. And thank you for a wonderful and thoughtful review!

I plan to release the third in the series this next year--probably late in the spring.

Happy Holidays...


genagirl said...

Never read any of this series but your review and the cover are both great!

Unknown said...

Thank you to the author for stopping by! If you would like to be a guest on the blog please feel free to contact me!