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Monday, July 16, 2012

101) Six Geese A-Laying by Sophie Kinsella

The Blurb :

Christmas is approaching and Ginny is looking forward to the birth of her first baby. It's a pity her partner Dan is so useless, and she has to keep reminding him where he's going wrong. Luckily she's enrolled into the most exclusive antenatal class going - all the highest achieving, smartest mothers-to-be aspire to be taught by the legendary Petal Harmon. Like the other five women in the class, Ginny already knows exactly what she wants, and how she's going to handle motherhood.But when they turn up for the final class it isn't quite what they expect. As Ginny discovers what parenthood is really going to be like, she begins to realize the things that really matter...

My Thoughts :

I was taking part in a Read-a-thon and the theme was Christmas in July. Now I am sure I have a few books somewhere on my bookshelf that take place over the holidays but I didn't want to spend all day looking when I should be reading. However on the other hand I really wanted to read at least one Christmas book for the read-a-thon. So this novella was definitely about the holidays and was also a free Kindle book. Problem solved!

Sophie Kinsella is a brilliant chick-lit writer and one of only a few authors from that genre that I still try and keep up with. Six Geese A-Laying was short and sweet but it really did mean something. There was a moral to the story and it was interesting finding out what it could mean to all the women involved. What was even better was the slight paranormal twist. If only the author could do this again but on a full novel level. I think she would do it extremely well.

Short but sweet this is a cute little novella to get you in the Christmas spirit or to check out a really nice author. Nice break from the intense reads and a little fun.

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Mardel said...

I'm glad I saw this post by you today. I enjoy Kinsella's non- shopaholic writing, so I think I'll enjoy this also. Going to find this freebie now...
Thanks! ;)