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Friday, January 4, 2013

173) Fatal Charm by Linda Joy Singleton

The Blurb :

Sabine Rose is reunited with her ill grandmother Nona and her friends at Sheridan Valley. But the excitement of curing Nona-and discovering love with someone new-doesn't outweigh the burden of her father's dark secret: a daughter no one but Sabine knows about. Riddled with curiosity, Sabine uses astral projection to spy on her half sister Jade. And then one night-while out of body-she witnesses a gruesome murder!

The victim appears to be Jade's mother, but the next day reveals she is very much alive. Was it all a terrible nightmare? A puzzling psychic message, feelings for two different guys, building resentment towards her father and Jade-it's almost too much to bear. And when the killer from her nightmare turns out to be real, Sabine finds she must open her heart to the person she trusts the least.

My Thoughts :

This series has been a wonderful find. I actually believe I have managed to read all the books in one year and haven't left much of a break between them. They are so quick and exciting to read that I would have read all six books in one go if I had had them all. As it was I finally got this fifth book for Christmas with the sixth book (review coming soon) and I was happy to curl up over the holidays and put The Seer Series to bed.

Sabine has been looking for charms to save her grandmother and it all comes to a head in this fifth part of the series. I expected it to maybe slip over into the sixth book but the main reason for the series comes to an end and actually goes away quietly. It is obvious how things will end in regards to the search for the charms but it is the story that gets Sabine there that is worth reading. However the conclusion of the search was a quiet affair.

I expected a huge party of some kind or at least a big revelation but Sabine's grandmother is suddenly healed and better. After all that effort it seems that many other things took precedent over the main plot. Jade, Josh and Dominic take a lot of Sabine's attention away from her success which spoils things slightly. However it also means that there was a reason for a sixth book which is a nice consolation prize.

This series has been a joy to read and I love the psychic aspects it involves. Young Adult but not too girly and teeny to put off an older reader, it is worth checking out and maybe sharing with that young reader in your life. I don't regret reading this series and will be finishing off the sixth book straight away and will also been checking out more of Linda Joy Singleton's work. I like her style!


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