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Saturday, January 5, 2013

174) Magician's Muse by Linda Joy Singleton

The Blurb :

A whisper, too soft to swirl wispy candle smoke, carried across time, beyond life and death—and was heard. "Our bargain is sealed. My secrets will be yours-when the girl dies."

In the thrilling climax to The Seer series, Sabine's psychic abilities, sleuthing skills, and courage are pushed to a dangerous edge as she deals with the mysterious disappearance of her ex-boyfriend Josh, a new threat against her boyfriend Dominic, evil magicians (both living and dead)—and a coldblooded murder.

My Thoughts :

It was a joy to finally get the last two books from this series and to be able to finish it before the year came to an end. It isn't very often that I get through a whole series in one year and I usually don't like to read so many books in one series one after another. However this one was somehow special.

The psychic abilities and the strange things that happen in Sabine's life really made for good reading and I liked the series a lot. It was nice to have this sixth and final book tie up some of the loose ends and it was a surprise to find there were six books seeing as the main plot line should have been completed in five books. So this last book actually went a little off tangent and focused more on some of the smaller things that had been going on in the background but didn't seem too important.

How the author brought things together was quite well done. I am not sure if she intended to write a sixth book and had planned this story line in advance or if she just went back and came up with a plausible story. Whichever it was worked and it was nice to put some real closure to the whole series.

Even if you aren't a Young Adult this series is still worth reading. Despite having some 'younger' aspects it does actually manage to stay quite adult and not at all teenager stupid. I know the author has some other young adult books out and I will be trying them. I really like the supernatural mystery mix and her style. Well worth checking out. I am glad I did!

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