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Friday, February 14, 2014

Author Guest Blog : Justin Gustainis

Justin Gustainis is one of my favourite authors.  His books are dark and deliciously paranormal but also have a good dose of humour to take away the edge.  The interesting characters, amazing well thought out plots and unique supernatural concepts have kept me addicted to his work since I came across Black Magic Woman six years ago.  

So I am extremely happy to have Justin back on the blog today to help promote the third investigation in the Occult Crimes Unit series, Known Devil.  I hope you all enjoy a little insight to Detective Sergeant Stan Markowski's world by way of a snippet from his shift diary.  

Furthermore I hope you will all check out Justin's books.  What else can I say to convince you?  They are stories you will never forget and I am sure you will, like me, crave for more!


Shift Diary
Detective Sergeant Stan Markowski
Occult Crimes Unit
Scranton Police Department

[Stan Markowski does not keep a diary in the usual sense, recording his thoughts and feelings about the things that happen in his life.  But he does keep a shift diary – an account of the cases he’s dealt with in any given night at work.  He finds that a record of his activities sometimes comes in handy – for testimony in court, or for future investigations]

Wednesday, February 12th

5:30 p.m. Reported for my shift.  Karl arrived a few minutes later [unlike most police officers, Stan does not work according to a fixed time – rather, he reports for work at the first half-hour after sunset.  That means the start and end of his shift keeps changing, but it can’t be helped.  You have to make special accommodations when your partner, Karl Renfer, is a vampire].

6:05 p.m.  Caught complaint of ghost haunting shower in a girls’ dorm, Marywood University.  Spirit of former janitor, always had fantasies of ogling the coeds.  Called in dept. exorcist to lay  geas on the spirit, expelling him from campus.  I suggested that the ghost relocate to one of the strip bars downtown, where nobody cares what he’s looking at.  Seemed to think this was a good idea.  Horny old bastard.

7:42 p.m.  Investigated complaint possible poltergeist activity 934 Keyser Ave.  Turned out to be the family’s three kids taking turns banging furniture around to fool parents into thinking place was haunted.  Family just moved to Scranton from Long Island, kids don’t like it here – hoped to scare Mom & Dad into moving back.  Parents don’t know what we found out, told kids to cut it out or parents would be told.  It’s Scranton, kiddies – get used to it.

9:20 p.m.  Possible hostage situation at O’Malley’s bar, 1338 Linden St.  Turned out to be ogre, who got drunk, busted place up, and grabbed a waitress to avoid being thrown out.  Reasoning with drunk ogre waste of time, but we tried, anyway.  Karl attempted use of vampire influence, but  apparently doesn’t work on ogres.  No help from Sacred Weapons and Tactics team, who were busy across town.  Called in Rachel Procter, dept. Consulting Witch, who told ogre she’d turn him into toad if he didn’t give it up.  Took ogre into custody w/o further incident.  Rachel’s a white witch, and can’t turn anybody into anything, but ogre didn’t know that.  Note to self: send box of candy to Rachel (dark choc cashew clusters) – she doesn’t usually make house calls.

11:40 p.m.  Took our coffee break at Jerry’s Diner, as usual.  Karl likes their Type A plasma, I tolerate dark roast coffee.  Two elves armed with pistols tried to hold up the place.  Took elves into custody, one with broken wrist (Karl doesn’t like having our break interrupted).  Prelim interrogation found elves addicted to Slide, new street drug that can hook supes.  Supernaturals usually immune to human rec drugs – could be some bad shit going down.

2:10 a.m. Stopped at Renfield’s, city’s biggest supe bar.  Spoke to Barney Ghougle, my fave informant – ghouls always know the gossip.  Barney says he’s heard of Slide, but doesn’t know any users.  Bartender Elvira told Karl she thinks local Mafia family may be behind Slide distribution.  Doesn’t sound like Calabrese Family’s style to me, but you never know.

3:07 a.m.  Stopped at Ricardo’s Ristorante, Calabrese Family H.Q.  Talked to Calabrese and his human consigliere, Louis Loquasto.  Both deny involvement in Slide trade, say it’s gang from outside city (branch of Delatasso Family in Philly) responsible.  Delatassos trying to muscle into Scranton rackets, Calabrese vows to keep them out at all costs.  Vampire gang war in Scranton could be imminent – must nip it in the bud, if possible.

4:40 a.m.  Investigated report of riot at Morrie’s, local dance club.  New band played tonight, turns out female bass player is a Siren.  Sang lead on one song, drove male customers bonkers.  Issued citation, warned Siren (Meredith Schwartz from Dunmore, goes by Scar when playing) against singing in front of make ausiwences in future.  Stick to the bass, Meredith – better for everybody.

5:25 a.m.  Sunrise in 45 min.  Told Karl to go home, said I’d stay and finish paperwork.  Long shift tonight.  Too damn long.

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JenM said...

That was a fun post and it definitely makes me want to try one of Justin's books out.

Unknown said...

I hope you do!