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Saturday, March 15, 2014

20) Test of Mettle by Kevin Hearne

The Blurb :

This wee story, told from Granuaile’s point of view, takes place concurrently with the events of HAMMERED, book three of The Iron Druid Chronicles. It is available for free on the author's website.

My Thoughts :

I finished book three in the Iron Druid Chronicles, Hammered, the other week and started book four, Tricked, straight away.  The sometime last week I remembered that there was a novella on my Kindle from the series and wasn't sure where it fit into the the scheme of things.  So I checked and saw it fit between books three and four and decided I should read it.

Luckily the short story wasn't really crucial to book four or at least as far as I had read.  The contests on this novella, Granuaile's test, does get mentioned in book four and of course you find out more about what the druid apprentice was up to while Atticus was off killing a norse god.

Short but sweet, this story was nice because it was told from Granuaile's point of view but other than that it wasn't too special.  A nice filler in and a nice look into the workings of the female aspect of this series.  However with only ten pages it doesn't tell you enough and is over before things really begin.

I am happy I read this in the right order and have now made sure I have the novella that comes after book four ready for me on my Kindle.

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Aurian said...

O I have missed this one! Even with so few pages it sounds nice.