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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

29) Dead Close by Lin Anderson

The Blurb :

The Dead are Closer than you Think

DI Doug Cameron is about to retire after a distinguished career in Edinburgh’s police force, when an anonymous caller reports a woman being attacked in Greyfriars churchyard. During the investigation a mummified body is unearthed and Cameron comes to believe it’s his young wife, Rebecca, who disappeared 17 years before.

 Haunted by the case he never solved, Cameron, a sceptic, has a series of disturbing and fragmented premonitions which begin with a mysterious girl who looks like Rebecca. As his real and unreal world collide Cameron thinks the girl holds the key, not just to the recent attack in the graveyard, but to what happened to Rebecca. But will the truth prove more terrible than the unknown?

My Thoughts :

I have really enjoyed Lin Anderson's Rhonda McLeod series and am waiting eagerly for a new installment.  When I saw this short story I hoped it would also include Rhonda but it actually seemed to be set in the past or future.  I can't be sure.  The names were familiar and but the story is based in Edinburgh a note on the blurb says this is being made into a TV Production.  Something I would definitely watch.

As short stories go it is good.  Not as good as the previous full length novels I have read by this author but still good.  It can't be easy to write a short story and fit everything in when you are limited by the amount of words.  So I have to give the author plus points for making this story interesting and quite spooky despite being over so fast.

If you are not sure if you would like this authors work then this is a nice story to read and get a feel for her style.  However I do highly recommend reading her Rhonda McLeod series if you like a nice crime and mystery series.  This is CSI Scottish style and it is a lot rougher than your typical mystery series.

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Aurian said...

Sounds nice Amber, I don't think I have read anything by Lin Anderson yet. Some series just tick all your boxes, don't they.

Unknown said...

I found the authors books totally by accident while visiting Edinburgh. My guy actually pointed them out in a book store because he said they looked like my kind of book. I remember they were on offer and I got the first 3 in the series for the price of 2. The rest is history ;)