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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

30) Valentine's Day of the Undead by Stacey Jay

The Blurb :

Q: What could be worse than spending Valentine's Day alone?
A: Spending it with evil zombies!!

Megan Berry is no stranger to heartbreak, but spending Valentine's Day serving other happy couples hot dogs while mourning the loss of her one true love is almost more than even a highly trained Zombie Settler can handle. So when her recently estranged boyfriend, Ethan, texts her asking her to be his Valentine, she ditches her bodyguard and rushes to his side.

But soon, Megan's dreams of chocolates, flowers, and lingering make-up kisses take a turn of the rotted-corpse-and-maggot variety, and Megan fears that her first Valentine's Day with Ethan may be her last.

My Thoughts :

I really enjoyed this series back in the day and this novella has been on my wishlist for a long time.  I even got this copy in time for Valentine's Day but didn't read it in time!  So I decided it was high time I checked this one out and made a horrible discovery.  I have forgotten the general gist of the series...

No worries.  The author did a good job of adding some background and bringing up some memories but in the end it wasn't enough and this story felt a little flat because I wasn't sure where this all fit in with the big story and what happened way back then.

It was only a novella and it was a good read.  If I hadn't have already read the series I definitely would have tried it after checking this one out.  I could also see why I read this series in the first place.  It wasn't a bad concept and some of it shone through in this short story.

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Aurian said...

Nice I think I have book 1 in the series on my shelves, it will be read eventually :).
You could not find your reviews of the series to fresh up your memory?

Unknown said...

I didn't / don't usually look up old reviews...maybe I should have but I find it doesn't help much if it has been over a couple of years. There have been way too many other books in between.