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Saturday, April 26, 2014

44) Hired Gun by James R. Tuck

The Blurb :

Culvert City, a place where bad people do bad things to each other. A hard place, a tough place, it's Killtown USA, Fist City, Murderville America, whatever you want to call it. Culvert City doesn't have a "bad side" of town, every square inch of the place is strychnine nasty and terminal as cancer.

Crime bosses, crooked cops, hitmen, ladies of the night, thugs, petty thieves, junkies, dirty politicians, gun thugs . . . every bad seed of every rotten apple lives here.

Good people who live here too.

They're called victims.

This is Crime fiction done right. Hard as concrete and twice as cold. Eight hard-boiled yarns of wrong-doing.

My Thoughts :

I am not a huge fan of anthologies or short stories but this author has impressed me with this Deacon Chalk series and so I was willing to give this a try.  Not supernatural and not fantasy, this novella is actually practically an anthology of very short stories.  Paragraphs in some cases.  It makes for quick and entertaining read but it left me feeling disappointed.

The stories are good and for such short tales they are well worth reading but I was expecting more.  Something different?  I am not sure but this wasn't what I imagined as I read this book.  It is hard to write more about this book without giving something away because there really isn't that much content.  Quick, to the point and well written this is over before it really begins.

Give me Deacon Chalk!  I am happy to see this author can write something else and has other work out there but this isn't a series that will keep me happy.  Sorry!

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