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Saturday, May 3, 2014

48) Magical Misfire by Kimberly Frost

The Blurb :

During a small-town skirmish, Would-Be Witch Tammy Jo Trask foils a kidnapping plot with a spell that shrinks her nemesis, Jenna, to a doll-sized diva. When the reversal spells to restore Jenna’s size don’t work, Tammy Jo and gorgeous wizard Bryn Lyons are forced to turn to the ghost of a Victorian-era prostitute who haunts Galveston Island.

Since Sullied Sal only appears to tourists during the yearly celebration of Dickens on the Strand when Victorian food, fare, and fashion are once again the norm, Tammy Jo and Bryn join the festivities. Unfortunately, being squeezed into a corset is just the beginning of the trouble in store for Tammy—and the island—when Tammy Jo and Bryn seek the advice of the gaudy ghost.

My Thoughts :

I am a huge fan of the Southern Witch series and it has been a long time since a new addition to the series has been released.  So when I saw a new full length novel was due out this month and that there was a novella up for grabs, well I pre-ordered and bought them without thinking twice.

I was excited about Magical Misfire and maybe my expectations were a little high.  After such a long break between books (the last book came out in 2011!) maybe I should have taken the time to read the series again before even attempting this short story.  It wasn't badly written.  The plot wasn't that bad.  However I felt like I should have known what was going on from the beginning, like this was a continuation of a previous storyline, but for the life of me it wasn't ringing any bells and it just left me confused and frustrated.

Despite the disappointment I was happy to join up with Tammy Jo and Mercuito again and hope that the long awaited book #4 that is due out this month was worth the wait.  I also hope that the next installment is set back in Tammy Jo's hometown with me being able to keep up with what is going on.  Otherwise I fear my pre-order will be a waste of time because I will be forced to go back and start the series again from the beginning.

If you have never had the pleasure of reading this series then make sure you good.  It is good fun Molly Harper style and if you start at the beginning you can't go wrong.  Why there was such a long break between books is beyond me and I am sure there is good reason but hopefully it hasn't ruined the series but it really has been a great read until now.

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1 comment:

Aurian said...

Nice review Amber, I do have the first book in the series, and you just gave me the push I need to start reading it!